We’re back!

We hope you haven’t forgotten us!

It was almost one year ago when the three of us posted a plea on Reddit to help us sponsor a professional Dota team. Equipped with nothing more than a deep love of the game and its competitive scene, we reached out to the community and started building our organization. Despite a total lack of prior experience, connections, and common sense, we were eventually able to field a team talented enough to go deep into the TI4 qualifiers, and for that, we are incredibly proud and grateful…

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Announcing our second community event!

We are excited to announce our second community event at 9:00pm EST on Thursday, April 17th!

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Meet Hugs.

Today, we are excited to unveil our official mascot, Hugs!

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Roster announcement!

We are pleased to officially announce the addition of Marcus “jigglebilly” Dastrup to the Team eHug Dota 2 roster. A renowned personality and player in both HoN and Dota, jigglebilly is one of the most promising young American talents in the scene today. Though he won’t be moving into the gaming house until early March, his permanent position on the team is to be effective immediately. With jigglebilly, Team eHug will be competing with a complete roster for the first time since its creation:…

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Welcome to the official website of Team eHug, the premier American Dota organization.

Team eHug was founded by three avid Dota fans who wanted to sponsor a professional team. The aim of our organization is to provide unrivaled support for our players so that American Dota fans have a professional, hard-working, and likable team that they can be proud to root for. For more information about Team eHug, please see the about page.

If you wish to support us, follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, upvote our posts on Reddit (username team-eHug), check back on our website often, and spread the word! And of course, please feel free to contact us at any time.